Rigsafe Lifting Solutions provides cranes and equipment for hire. Prices can be obtained by contacting us for a free quote.

130t AC 130-5 Demag All Terrain 2022
60t AC 60-3 Demag All Terrain 2021
20t Tadano All Terrain 2020
2 x 305 Maeda spider cranes
285 Maeda spider crane
25t Franna MAC25-4 Super Lift 2022
25t Franna full spec crane
150ft AJP Boomlift - 2022
5t Magni telehandler 2022
12t truck with a 13m Unic crane and tilt tray
Prime Mover with semi trailers

Scissor lifts with trailers
Mechanical Rigging equipment up to 100t
11 x Mobile Rigging utes
1 x  Light Rigging truck.
60t Demag.jpg